Power Tech Industries for manufacturing of Distribution Transformers is situated at unit no.3 & 4 Sindh Industrial Trading Estate(S.I.T.E) Area Kotri in the name of Power Tech Industries formerly Baig Elec-trical Company.

We have been doing business with WAPDA and other formations of Pakistan since 1981 as manu-facturer of different type of transformers. We came in transformer repair industry with WAPDA in 1998 and started our repair business with HESCO, Hyderabad. We added up ourselves in the list of new transformer manufacturers during April 2004 with a manufacturing capability of 400 to 500 transformers per month. We deal all types of Transformers Manufacturer , 11 KV Switchgear with SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker, 11 KV Switchgear with Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB), Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker (OCB) and Bulk Oil Circuit Breaker (OCB) and 11 KV Panels.

Power Tech Industries truly symbolizes the hard-working and enterprising nature of our people. Quality product is always the target of Power Tech Industries and we have gained a reputation as progressive leading manufacturers of Distribution Transformers. We are proud to say that our burn-ing rate with WAPDA is at a minimum level and this is show of our quality. We firmly believe in investing in quality machinery to deliver quality products. This is enabled by our quality assurance team. We maintain quality standards right from the purchase of material to completion of finished product.

Our asset is our team of highly competent and skilled manpower. We share our vision always through the way of meetings or exceeding customer's expectations with a team of dynamic professionals at the helm of affairs.

We have the capa-bility to manufac-ture Transformer according to cli-ent's specifications at competitive prices. Our range of products is already being extensively used by reputed industrial clients, both private as well as state owned enterprises.

We administer stringent quality control checks to ensure that every customer gets true value for their money. These qual-ity control checks are carried out through out every process.


Our testing lab is equipped with good quality equip-ments to ensure uniformity in product quality, every time. Whether it is testing of high voltage or low voltage products, we have the capability to test the product, before the actual installation all our facilities aremanned by the finest talent in the industry, who are highly qualified and importantly, work in close association with our clients to provide them with requisite solutions, we firmly believe in investing in and constant up gradation of technology and peri-odical training of our human resources, to ensure international standards of quality.

Our goal is to supply quality product to our clients including WAPDA formations in-time and at a suit-able prices.

We are engaged in the manufacture of quality Transformers and allied product benchmarked against the best available in the international mar-kets. We have the capability and expertise to manufacture customized products, as per the specifications of our clientele. Our product finds application in a wide variety of industries..


Protection of active part in transformer is very important. While achieving the opti-mized size of transformer to suit the site condition for installation. The main role of the tank is to protect the active part and tank is manufacture to have sufficient strengths to withstand internal & external faults that may occur during operation. Tanks are fabricated from low carbon M.S. Sheet of best quality proceed by qualified welders. The tank is designed to withstand vacuum and pressure test as per national/ International standards. A robust skid un-der base is provided, and guide bars are located inside the tank to securely fix the core and windings assembly in position, and to prevent any movement during trans-portation.


The core assembly is vertically placed with the foot plate touching the ground. the top yoke of the core is removed. The limbs of the core are tightly wrapped with cotton tape and then varnished. Cylinder made out of insulating press board/ pressphan paper is wrapped on all the three limbs. Low Voltage Coil is placed on the insulated core limbs .Insulating block of specified thickness and number are placed both at the top and bottom of the L.V.Coil .Cylinder made out of corrugated paper or plain cylinder with oil ducts are provided over L.V.Coil. H.V. Coils are placed over the cylin-der .Gap between each section of H.V. Coils including top & bottom clearances is main- tained with the help of oil ducts, as per the de-sign/drawings. The Top Yoke is refilled. Top core frame including core bolts and tie rods are fixed in position. Primary and secondary windings are con-nected as per the requirements. Phase barrier be-tween H.V. phases are placed as per requirement.


After necessary testing the winding connections are completed. The tapping connections are made with the tapping switch. The three phase windings are connected in delta or star according to require-ments.


Testing facilities are fully equipped to carryout all pre-scribed routine tests on the Transformers Manufactured. We encourage our clients in the private sector to witness final testing of their equipment and keep them intimated on the testing dates. Arrangement s for any special test s at the discretion of the client are also made after agree-ment on the costs involved, if not mentioned in the pur-chaser/ work order. Public sector clients however follow their departmental procedures formulated for this purpose to which we fully comply.